The multi-functional network electric energy meter is developed by adopting a high-performance 32-bit embedded RISC CPU (ARM9 core) hardware platform, a real-time embedded LNUX operating system software platform and high-precision energy measurement technology. It is a product used to strengthen power management. The product has powerful functions, simple operation, stable operation and convenient maintenance. It can be flexibly configured into multiple types of "remote meter reading terminal" and "distribution transformer monitoring terminal". It can meet the current and future potential application needs of modern power companies at all levels.

Basic functions and features

1. Energy metering function: with current and last June active forward and reverse, reactive four-quadrant total electricity and time-sharing energy metering: with split-phase active forward and reverse energy metering

2. Measurement record function: record the current and last June active forward and reverse, reactive forward and reverse total maximum demand, time-sharing maximum demand and its occurrence time

3. Measure the instantaneous phase voltage, current, power, power factor, grid frequency and other parameters

4. Daily extreme value record, statistical record of voltage qualification rate, power factor qualification rate, monthly power supply reliability rate

5. Loss of pressure, loss of current, event recording and data acquisition

6. Self-diagnosis function, voltage and low voltage, voltage phase and loss of current, internal program error, clock crystal frequency error, memory failure or damage, hardware failure, etc.

7. Load representative day record

8. Load curve recording function: the load curve start recording time and recording time interval can be set separately, the load curve can be recorded from the specified position, and the load recording capacity can reach 16Mbit

9.Zero power record: The zero power record of the last 100 working days

10. Power-off meter reading: support power-off button wake-up and power-off infrared wake-up meter reading, the number of meter reading is not less than 100 times

11. Fault alarm: three fault alarm methods, lCD fault display, LED light control alarm indication, buzzer sound control alarm, users can choose different fault alarm methods for the settings of the three alarm methods.

12.Large screen dot matrix LCD display: 192/64

13.Communication interface: standard RS485 interface (baud rate can be set to 1200-9600ps) RS232 interface, modulated infrared communication interface (Baud Army is 1200)

14. Programmable multi-function output port: The meter can realize the following three kinds of detection signal output through programming: clock detection signal demand cycle end signal, period switching detection signal

15. GPRS function description of communication module

①Real-time detection function: the meter can send alarm events to the master station through the GPRS module, and the master station can monitor the actual situation of the meter on-site in real time, realize the process monitoring function, and actively report information and call test reports

② SMS reporting function: SMS transmission function can be realized through the GPRS module. When the GPRS network fails, it can automatically activate the module via SMS, establish a GPRS network connection and set the GPRS module parameters

③Real-time online function: The GPRS module of the instrument can actively detect whether the connection is offline, and immediately reconnect with the master station once the connection is detected.

④Module hot plug function: GPRS wireless communication module can be disassembled when the meter is powered on, and supports hot plug.

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