DTSFY950 DSSYF950 three-phase electronic prepaid multi-rate electric energy meter, using special large-scale integrated circuit and SMT process technology, industrial-grade international famous brand long-life components, information display with 5+2 LCD wide temperature LCD display, Data will not be lost during power outages. This product can accurately measure the three-phase active power data in the 50-60Hz AC power grid in time-sharing, and directly deduct the amount of electricity purchased in the table according to the different electricity prices at different time periods. The performance meets the relevant technical requirements in the national standard GB/T17215-2002 standard (idtlEC61036 international standard), GB/T15284-2002 standard and GB/T18460.3-2001 standard. The main function of this product is to pay for electricity before using electricity, and it can effectively charge according to the different unit prices of electricity usage period. It effectively solves the problem of difficulty in charging electricity for electric power departments. It has RS485 communication function to solve the remote operation of power supply departments. The problem. It has the characteristics of wide load, low power consumption, high precision and strong anti-interference ability.

Basic functions and features:

1. Active electric energy is measured in time intervals, and the amount in the table is deducted from different electricity prices at different times.

2. Three-phase power supply, one-phase power failure (three-phase three-wire), one-phase or two-phase power failure (three-phase four-wire), measurement accuracy will not be affected.

3. It has the function of phase failure indication.

4. It adopts serially encrypted cards, one-to-one card, which has good anti-counterfeiting.

5. When the remaining amount is lower than the first-level alarm amount, the LCD screen often displays the remaining amount to remind users to purchase electricity in time.

6. When the remaining amount is less than the second alarm amount, the output in the table can be connected to the switch signal of the sound and light alarm not greater than 1KW.

7. When the remaining gold is 0, it will trip and power off.

8. Automatically cut off the power when overloaded, which is convenient for the electric power department to implement capacity limitation.

9. Large-capacity magnetic latching relay, high reliability.

10. With data write-back function, it is convenient for electric power department management.

11. The supporting IC card electricity sales management system has complete functions such as electricity sales management and electricity consumption monitoring.

12. Four rates (peak, peak, flat, and valley), ten time periods, with a minimum interval of one minute.

13. Electric energy 7-digit LCD display, 5 integers and 2 decimals.

14. With infrared communication interface and RS485 communication interface.

15. Write data is protected by password and hardware.

16. Reliable hardware clock, plus temperature compensation circuit, the accuracy is not more than 0.5 seconds/day.

17. Environmental protection lithium battery has a life span of 10 years.

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