A Good Youth in the New Era: An Inheritance Tour in the Ante · Ni Dongfang Art Museum

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Guarding Legacy

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Qingtian stone carving is an intangible cultural heritage of China. In order to better implement quality education, promote and inherit the essence of Chinese culture, students from the "Traditional Culture Study Camp" of the Youth Activity Center in Jinshan District, Shanghai, visited the Ante · Ni Dongfang Art Museum to learn about the Qingtian stone culture created by generations of stone carving artists and viewers, experience the unique charm of stone carving art, and engage in artistic and cultural exchanges.

The Roots of Culture

stone carving

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Entering the museum exhibition hall, the staff talked about Ante Mete The cross-border relationship with Master Ni Dongfang and the original intention and future vision of creating this museum. Stepping into the raw stone corridor, what presents to everyone are various green field raw stones with rich colors, beautiful luster, and delicate texture. Students can't help but marvel that this is truly a gift from nature! The Oriental Treasure Hall, marveling at the gifts of nature! Every piece of Master Ni's exquisite and unparalleled work is carefully watched, sometimes closely related to the work, stopping and observing; Sometimes amazed and amazed, clapping hands in awe

Inheritance should not be superficial

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Inheriting and consolidating the foundation

Arriving at the Yintian Treasure Collection Hall, rows of exquisite seals showcase the vastness and profoundness of Chinese culture, the superb skills and artistic value of Chinese characters and calligraphy carvings, and vividly reflect the spirit and interest of Chinese culture and art. The universe condensed within this square inch represents the seal culture of Chinese character and charm, allowing students to intuitively feel the connotation of Qingtian seal stone culture.

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Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd.

Picking up the Flowers of China

Dedicated to the world

Cultural Eternal Inheritance

After the visit, everyone sighed and looked forward to the early completion of the Dongbao Mountain Stone Carving Art Exchange Center, taking on the new mission of inheriting and promoting traditional culture, and making contributions to the construction of modern Chinese civilization. And attract more people to understand, love, and protect the Qingtian Stone culture, allowing society to participate widely and jointly protect the traditional cultural treasures of the Chinese nation, and promoting Chinese culture to better go global.

▲ Video of Ni Dongfang Art Museum Exhibition Hall

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