The Jingning Center Group, a representative of the 5th People's Congress of Lishui City, conducted research on Ante Group

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On September 5, Lei Yingjiang, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Jingning County, led a team to Ante Group and the "the Belt and Road" Overseas Chinese Cooperation Industrial Park in Ante to carry out research, accompanied by Zheng Jiabiao and other county leaders.

Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd.

The research team successively inspected Ante "the Belt and Road" Overseas Chinese Cooperation Industrial Park, Ante Group Exhibition Hall, Ante Park Party Mass Service Center and Ante Smart Electric Energy Meter Digital Workshop. During the investigation and research process, the person in charge of Ante Group gave a detailed introduction to Ante's nearly forty years of development. Ante has now become a comprehensive group company that integrates four major sectors: intelligent manufacturing, distinctive cultural and tourism, cross-border trade, and industrial incubation.

Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd.

The research team fully affirmed the party building work of Ante, which is one of the representatives of private enterprises in Qingtian County. The party building work is solid, powerful, and effective, and the Party Mass Service Center has distinctive characteristics, setting an example for other enterprises.

Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd.

The research team believes that the technology of Ante's digital workshop is a good embodiment of the intelligent manufacturing industry, meeting the requirements of digitalization, informatization, and automation of intelligent energy meter production lines. It can effectively control product quality, improve product process level and production efficiency.

Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd.

Ante Instrument Group is a professional provider of intelligent energy meters and electricity information system solutions. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a member unit of the National Electrical Instrument Standardization Committee. It is a qualified supplier of intelligent energy meters for State Grid Corporation of China and a small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province that specializes in precision, novelty, and innovation.

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