Ante launched a policy lecture on "employment in youth and worry free salary"

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Ante Small and Micro Enterprise Park aims to better serve enterprises in the park, solidly manage the employment of enterprises in the park, and ensure the rights and interests of workers, so as to promote the healthy operation and development of enterprises settled in the park. In the afternoon of March 3, the park invited the staff of Qingtian County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to the training center of the park to carry out the activity of "the first lesson of starting work" of "being employed in Qingdao and having no worries about salary", and carried out policy education, training, consultation and answers to nearly 50 on-site park enterprise managers.

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Xia Hui, a member of the Party Group of the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, delivered a speech on the spirit of the two sessions of the city, stating that the "first lesson of construction" is an important measure to optimize the business environment, build harmonious labor relations, and effectively promote the high-quality development of the county economy.

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Through this policy and regulation training and on-site consultation, the park's enterprise managers will further understand the regulations and policies related to human resources and social security, and avoid risks in the production and operation process. This training effectively solved the problems of "urgency, difficulty, worry, and hope" for enterprises and employees in the park, and promoted the stable development of Ante Small and Micro Enterprise Park.

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Ante Small and Micro Enterprise Park is a provincial-level entrepreneurship incubation demonstration base and a provincial-level digital small and micro enterprise park in Zhejiang. Through years of cultivation services, the park has successfully incubated 6 national high-tech enterprises, 7 enterprises above designated size, and 8 technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises.

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